DeLonghi 6-Slice Digital Toaster Oven – DO1279

Our Rating: ★★★★¼ 

The DeLonghi Digital Toaster Oven DO1279 offers 0.5 cubic foot, 6 slice toast capacity that is capable of holding 2 pizzas up to 12″ in size. Whether you need to warm up a side dish, or bake a large dinner entree, the interior of this toaster oven can handle it with ease. An entire meal can be made with the counter top oven, without ever having to turn on your traditional wall stove. The convection fan inside the DeLonghi DO1279 6-Slice Toaster Oven helps distribute the hot air quickly, ensuring food is cooked evenly and thoroughly. Foods cook up to 30-40% faster and, with two interior racks, more food can be cooked at one time.

The DeLonghi Digital Toaster Oven has several preset options including bake, broil, toast, slow bake and warming functions. There are also several other pre-programmed features including a pizza preset and 4 toasting settings. The digital control pad is easy to use and includes an LCD display. There is a removable crumb tray, allowing for quick and easy clean up of crumbs or dropped food.

DeLonghi DO1279 6-Slice Toaster Oven Features and Specifications

  • Size: 18.90″ W x 15.16″ D x 9.37″ H
  • Shipping Weight: 21 pounds
  • 0.50 cubic foot/6 slice capacity
  • Two hour timer with auto shutoff
  • Accessories Included: Bake pan, broil tray, 2 wire racks and 2 cookie sheets
  • Toast color selector for perfectly toasted bread
  • Easy to clean DURASTONE II™ ENAMEL INTERIOR ensures even heat distribution and evenly cooked food
  • 4 Preset Functions: Bake, pizza, broil or warm
  • 4 Preset Toast Settings
  • 12 Preprogrammed Pizza Settings
  • Interior Light

DeLonghi Digital Toaster Oven DO1279 Reviews

There are several DeLonghi toaster oven reviews found around the Internet. Most of them are quite positive. Several reviewers mentioned that the interior size is very generous, and is easy to clean. One reviewer finds that she is using her microwave less, as the DeLonghi DO1279 6-Slice Toaster Oven warms and browns foods better. More than one person appreciated the interior light in this oven; many toaster ovens don’t have this light, and it was a definite plus for these reviewers. One reviewer found the oven to heat quickly and evenly cook food. Several people commented on the ease of use and mentioned that there is a quick reference guide that comes with the oven.

There were very few complaints regarding this DeLonghi Digital Toaster Oven, but the most common complaint was that the beeping when changing settings or when food is ready is extremely annoying. Some people mentioned the beep and said it was no worse than other appliances; however, more than one reviewer found the tone to be quite irritating. A couple of people stated that they weren’t happy with the toasting function, with one person saying that she felt the default temperature setting was too high.

Our Verdict

Priced around $127, overall the DeLonghi Digital Toaster Oven DO1279 seems to provide good value for the money. The large capacity will allow users to save energy by not having to use their microwaves and standard wall ovens as often. The interior features a light and the enamel coating is easy to keep clean. While there were a couple of negative reports related to the tone/beeping of the oven and the preset toasting options, these seemed to minor annoyances. At this time, we feel comfortable recommending the DeLonghi DO1279 Digital Toaster Oven.

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